Monday, April 18, 2011

Heaven and Hell...

Many people have recently asked me for my opinion and comment about the recent popularized conversation regarding the Time magazine cover issue, "Is Hell Dead?" and Rob Bell's recent observations about the passe nature of hell in the modern context. In an attempt to address these questions in the most comprehensive way, I have written a blurb of endorsement for a book that will be coming out and published in June of 2011 written by my friend, Rev. Dr. Foster Shannon.

Find the blurb endorsement enclosed here, and please look forward to upcoming blogposts on this tough issue. Also please listen to my podcast on heaven and hell from the recent series I preached at Highlands called, Creed (April 10, 2011).

Endorsement for: "Why are Some People Eternally Separated from God?"

The topic of “eternal separation from God” - hell - has become popularized once again, with the publication of the latest Time Magazine cover issue, “Is Hell Dead?” (April 2011) by editor in chief John Mecham. Pastor Rob Bell, of Mars Hill Bible Church, with the recent observation that “every person who ever lived could have a place in heaven,” has also “enflamed” the recent conversation about hell, it’s very existence and it’s tenability in the current and modern era. In the midst of this mélange of cacophonic voices on the topic of hell, fortunately, Foster Shannon once again provides some helpful background and clarification on the subject. Foster successfully employs a fair balance of grace and salt (Col 4:6), as he writes this timeless and helpful primer.

Now, I must write my Easter message for 2011, a much more uplifting topic:-)

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