Monday, October 7, 2013

The Space Between

One of my favorite pop singers is Dave Matthews, and one of my favorite pop songs is, "The Space Between." "The Space Between," is also the name of a major motion picture film made in 2010.   Like most rock and roll songs, Dave Matthews' song carries several levels of meaning, some of which are probably more "carnal" that I would care to address in this blog post.  However, I believe that;

The Space Between

is a phrase that also carries great theological depth as an understanding of our God.  This past week, I offered a message on being 1% more trusting of God in our lives.  The text we looked at was of the Roman soldier (centurion) who had a servant who was dying.  The Roman soldier, you will remember, asks Jesus to come and heal his servant.  When Jesus is just outside the door of his house, the Roman soldier stops Jesus and tells him not to come into the house, because he is not worthy of Jesus' presence.  "But say the word, and my servant will be healed."  In short, this soldier believes (TRUSTS), that God can heal the servant not by laying hands on him, or by touching him, but that Jesus is powerful enough to heal the servant in;

The Space Between

the Roman soldier's house and Jesus in the street.  This past week, my 1 year old daughter, Sheena, took her first steps of life.  I was actually not there to witness it, (which sort of bumbed me out) but the person that did told me that Sheena was a little nervous at first.  Sheena was standing, and then, somewhere within her 1 year old heart, she decided to put one leg in front of the other.  She took a step.  Now, most of us take for granted or we don't think about the fact that when we walk, one foot will sustain the weight of our bodies, while the other foot shifts the weight of our bodies.  But Sheena trusted that in;

The Space Between

two steps, she would be ok on the other side.  And, of course, she was.  One of the seminal concepts of our faith is covenant.  The exact Hebrew notion of covenant is that a covenant must be, "cut."  The Hebrew words for covenant are, CARAT BAREAT, and it means "to cut a covenant."  I will never forget this phrase since when I learned it, I thought of a carrot being cut in two (pneumonic association is the only way to memorize Hebrew).  Now, when an object is cut, say a piece of meat (lamb) or a dove for an offering to God, the Jewish notion is that God will bring something new and Godly into;

The Space Between.

Remember Gideon?  He made an offering to the Lord, on a rock.  Then, the offering was cut in two.  A flame of God appeared in the middle of,

The Space Between,

And God spoke.  Here's my question for you this week.  What space are your giving God, between this and that in your life?  What space, between driving kids to practice and making dinner are you giving to God?  What space between your last job and your new one, are your giving to God to speak to you?  What space between retirement and professional life are you allowing God to speak to your heart and give you a deep peace?  Like me, I hope you will find, that upon reflecting on this question that,

The Space Between

Will be more than just a good song.  That it will be the main way that God speaks to you!

All For Now,

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